When Water Makes You Burn

from by Mark Holland from Jennyanykind

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When nothin' is wrong,
You can say,
"Let the sleepin' dog lay."
Even a weak man gets his way,
"You do what I say."
That radio song that gets play,
It has nothing to say.
No preservation, so I'll stay.
And watch the girls all dance.

When I was younger, I looked up at the sun,
Saw a vision and it took me so far away.
Kneeling by a red boulder,
A man sat weeping from his eyes
Under the desert, devoured by the sun.
His one final memory, his thought as a child
of all the things in his heart that he wanted to be,
But he never became.

The sun rose at 5 o'clock in the morning
Radiant and new like Christmas Day.
The sky grew colder.
Another soldier had a coach with a lift
That came and took the bodies away.
The sky was burning, the wheels started turning,
As he lifted his hands to his face
and tasted the stain that would never go away.

The crowd gathered at 7 o'clock in the evening,
Just in time to discover.
There standing alone by the dead man's leg was
his wife and his tall, cool mother.
The crowd drew closer, his arms motioned,
Her lips parted to say,
"We're gonna make sure, they hang him any way."

I believe in you, though I might fear change, I'm gonna get through.
I believe in you, though it might feel strange, I'm gonna break through.

I know I'll feel better, if I can just make it through the lane.
I read your death letter and know how it feels to live day-to-day.
Your one final moment, your one final memory just fades
and it's gone. The more that things change, the more they
stay the same.

I believe in you, though I might fear change.
I believe in you, though I might feel strange.
I believe in you, though I might be deranged,
But I'm gonna get through.


from Rough Cuts, released October 4, 2011



all rights reserved


Mark Holland from Jennyanykind Chapel Hill, North Carolina

After breaking into the music business in the early '90's as a member of Jennyanykind (Elektra), Mark has refined his act over 16 years of writing, performing and recording. As a songwriter, Mark began with his side act to Jennyanykind, Jule Brown. His first album as Jule Brown contained 12 originals and garnered press from New York Times and Billboard. He continues to write and perform. ... more

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